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All services in network technology and telecommunications meet at a single point. Wavetech will provide an experienced consultant and project manager to organise and manage the project.

We will manage every step of the project in a service package best suited to meet your individual needs. Our hardworking team and versatile skills enables us to create customised turnkey solutions.

Your personal contact for all services

Every project begins with a detailed record of requirements and needs. Based on this, we then commence engineering and planning before construction begins. Wavetech develops, constructs, implements, installs and configures. Once the construction process is complete, all components are initiated, monitored and continuously optimised.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

Each project is individually planned, executed and commissioned. The same applies to each individual service area and to each task. To achieve success, a company must plan well for the future with long-term goals for implementation. Our approach is clear and efficient, and we are prepared to take on any challenge.